REACH Behavior Change Techniques Workshop successfully held in Munich
br2 Education of former MSc Advanced Construction Building Technology and Research Lab for Ambient Integrated Robotics as Model: New OIT Robotics+design Faculty established
How Robots are making Life and Work easier
Dr.Ing. T.Linner Chairs a Subcommittee of ISO TC 314 at 2nd Penary Meeting
Dr.-Ing T. Linner cocreates ISO TC 314
In May 2019, the 11th newsletter of the ZERO-PLUS project has been released
br2 presents research at Forum Bois in Epinal, France:" La robotisation pour la préfabrication et la mise en oeuvre en rénovation
Chair as Speaker on Latest Construction Robotics Applications in Kuala Lumpur
br2 Beitrag bei Leipziger Fachtagung Betonbauteile: "Automatisierte Fertigung und robotorisierte Montage, Instandhaltung, Um- und Rückbau von Fassaden"
Chair Shows newest Construction Robots and Automated Sites at 29 th GISOTON Seminar
Chair kick off Keynote of new Gerontech Master course at Kogakuin University, Tokyo, Japan
Dr Linner presents advanced service robotics for built environment at ecole centrale france
The chair is developing a Multifunctional Façade and Exterior Finishing Robot for The Construction Industry Council in Hong Kong
Digitalisierung und Robotik in der Bauwirtschaft - Trends und Chancen
BaltSe@nioR Virtual Library Is On Air
Visiting Professor Dr.-Ing. habil. A. Bulgakow assigned TUM ambassador by president Herrmann on 2nd Dec. in Culture Denter Gasteig, Munich
br2 Keynote and plenary session at GIES Gerontech International Exhibition cum Summit
Sino German Industrial Design Innovation Research School
Upcoming REACH workshop on data analytics and machine learning for early engagement in physical activity
REACH disseminated as part of a keynote speech of the PI (Prof. T. Bock) at Gerontech and Innovation Summit 2018, Hong Kong



  • Anderson, Peter (2nd Cohort)
  • Anschau Rick, Gustavo (2nd Cohort)
  • Avina Zavala, Marta (1rst Cohort)
  • Bassily, Dany (2nd Cohort)
  • Biljeek, Mona(1rst Cohort)
  • Butt, Nasir (1rst Cohort)
  • Georgescu, Bogdan Gheorghe (1rst Cohort)
  • Gonzalez Guerrero, Fabio (2nd Cohort)
  • Grisales Pachón, Alejandro (1rst Cohort)
  • Jacob, Jan-Felix (1rst Cohort)
  • Kouri, Stavroula (2nd Cohort)
  • Kyriakou, Chrystala (2nd Cohort)
  • Maharjan, Jenny (1rst Cohort)
  • Nurullina, Lyaysan (2nd Cohort)
  • Pan, Wen (1rst Cohort)
  • Rahaman, Mustafizur (1rst Cohort)
  • Raza, Ahmad (2nd Cohort)
  • Saimaiti, Paerhati (1st Cohort)
  • Tafich Salim, Marianna (1rst Cohort)
  • Tsobanoglou Nefeli (1rst Cohort)
  • Uddin, Mohammad (1rst Cohort)
  • Vathoopan Kannan, Milan (2nd Cohort)
  • Vlachousi, Melina (1rst Cohort)
  • Yang, Xufeng (1rst Cohort)
  • Zhang, Tianyi (1rst Cohort)