Mission Possible: 20/80: 20 Years of Robotic Industrialization for 80% Public Housing Ownership Singapore
Prof. Bock joins editorial board of "Robotics" (ISSN 2218-6581)which is a peer-reviewed, international journal presenting state-of-the-art research in the area of robotics, and is published quarterly online by MDPI
Dr Linner heads ISO TC 314 for a first working draft of a new standard for dementia-inclusive communities
Cambridge University Press "construction Robotics" 5th volume "Ambient Integrated Robotics" published
REACH Behavior Change Techniques Workshop successfully held in Munich
br2 Education of former MSc Advanced Construction Building Technology and Research Lab for Ambient Integrated Robotics as Model: New OIT Robotics+design Faculty established
How Robots are making Life and Work easier
Dr.Ing. T.Linner Chairs a Subcommittee of ISO TC 314 at 2nd Penary Meeting
Dr.-Ing T. Linner cocreates ISO TC 314
In May 2019, the 11th newsletter of the ZERO-PLUS project has been released
br2 presents research at Forum Bois in Epinal, France:" La robotisation pour la préfabrication et la mise en oeuvre en rénovation
Chair as Speaker on Latest Construction Robotics Applications in Kuala Lumpur
br2 Beitrag bei Leipziger Fachtagung Betonbauteile: "Automatisierte Fertigung und robotorisierte Montage, Instandhaltung, Um- und Rückbau von Fassaden"
Chair Shows newest Construction Robots and Automated Sites at 29 th GISOTON Seminar
Chair kick off Keynote of new Gerontech Master course at Kogakuin University, Tokyo, Japan
Dr Linner presents advanced service robotics for built environment at ecole centrale france
The chair is developing a Multifunctional Façade and Exterior Finishing Robot for The Construction Industry Council in Hong Kong
Digitalisierung und Robotik in der Bauwirtschaft - Trends und Chancen
BaltSe@nioR Virtual Library Is On Air
Visiting Professor Dr.-Ing. habil. A. Bulgakow assigned TUM ambassador by president Herrmann on 2nd Dec. in Culture Denter Gasteig, Munich


Team - Chair of Building Realization and Robotics


Prof. Prof. h.c.(NPI)
Dr.-Ing./Univ.Tokio Dr. h.c.(SWSU)
Thomas Bock

Publications Archive
Professor Profil

Room Nr. 4111
Tel: 089 289 22100
Fax: 089 289 22102
thomas.bock (at)
Office hours: by Appointment



Rebekka Schlenker



Room Nr. 4112
Tel. 089 289 22100
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info (at)

Office Hours: Wednesday 12:00 - 14:00



Senior Researchers

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Linner

Publications and CV

Room Nr. 4120 Baurobotik-Labor
Tel. 089 289 22176
Fax: 089 289 22102
thomas.linner (at)

Office hours: by Appointment

Dr.-Ing., Dipl.-Wirt.Ing. Katharina Langosch



Room Nr. 4120
Tel: 089 289 25427
Fax: 089 289 22102
katharina.langosch (at)

Office hours: by Appointment

Dr.-Ing. Jörg Güttler

CV (English)

Room Nr. 0726 Baurobotik-Labor
Tel: 089 289 22178
Fax: 089 289 22163
joerg.guettler (at)

Office hours: by Appointment



Research Assistants

M.Eng. Kepa Iturralde



Room Nr. 4120
Tel: 089 289 22170
Fax: 089 289 22102
kepa.iturralde (at)

Office hours: by Appointment

M.Sc. Wen Pan



Room Nr. 4120
Tel: 089 289 22164
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wen.pan (at)  

Office hours: by Appointment

M.Arch. Rongbo Hu



Room Nr. 4120
Tel: 089 289 25589
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Office hours: by Appointment

M.Sc. Meysam Taghavi



Room Nr. 4120
Tel: 089 289 25588
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meysam.taghavi (at)  

Office hours: by Appointment

M.A. Marcel Schlandt



Room Nr. 4120
Tel: 089 289 25581
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Marcel.schlandt (at)

Office hours: by Appointment



Further Assistants

Andreas Bittner
Mechatronics and Systems Administrator


Room Nr. 0710 Baurobotik-Labor
Tel: 089 289 22482
Fax: 089 289 22163
andreas.bittner (at)

Office hours: by Appointment



Student Assistants

Stefan Pehr



Room Nr. 4120
Tel: 089 289 22100
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Office hours: by Appointment

Daniel Zollitsch



Room Nr. 4120
Tel: 089 289 22100
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Office hours: by Appointment

Fletcher Tollefson



Room Nr. 4120
Tel: 089 289 22100
Fax: 089 289 22102

Office hours: by Appointment



Current Guest Researchers

Prof. Dr.-Ing. hab. Alexej Bulgakow
Outpost Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Science, RAACS

Room Nr. 4120
Tel: 089 289 22100
Fax: 089 289 22102
alexey.bulgakov (at)

Office hours: by Appointment

M.A.Sc. Yoshiaki Watanabe
Researcher, Robotics Group

Advanced Technology Research Department
Takenaka Corp R&D Institute


Room Nr. 4120
Tel: 089 289 22100
Fax: 089 289 22102
yoshiaki.watanabe (at)

Office hours: by Appointment


Past Visiting Researchers

  • Dr. Bahriye Ilhan, Faculty of Architecture - Istanbul Technical University
  • Prof. Masayuki Sato, Faculty of Human Science Waseda University
  • Ph. D. Soonwook Kwon, Associate Professor, Sungkyunkwan University
  • Prof. Dr. Kazuyoshi Endo
  • Dr. Shabtai Isaac
  • Prof. Dr Mirek Skibniewski , Purdue University, USA
  • Prof. Dr Koshy Varghese, Iitm India
  • Prof. Dr. Mita, Keio Uni, Japan
  • Prof. Dr. Dong Ping Fang, Jinghua Uni, China
  • Prof. Dr. Hendricks, CMU, USA
  • Prof. Dr. Junichiro Maeda, Korean University
  • Dr. Tetsuji Yoshida, Shimizu Space Project, Japan
  • Prof. Dr. Helmut Weber, Uni Hannover
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Sulzer, Uni Stuttgart
  • Prof. Dr. Otto Maier, Hochschule Holzminden
  • Dr. Robert Wing, Imperial College, UK
  • Prof. Dr. Philippe Coiffet, UPMC, France
  • Prof. Dr. Zoubeir Lafhaj, Ecole Centrale, France
  • Prof. Joan Zamorra y Mestre, UPC, Spain
  • Prof. Dr. Puente, ETSI, Spain
  • Prof. Dr. Rovetta, Politecnico di Milano
  • Dr. J.L. Salagnac, CSTB, France
  • Prof. Dr. Carlos Formosa, Uni Porto Alegre do Sul, Brasil
  • Prof. Dr. Aguirre, University Santiago, Chile
  • Dr. Eduardo Barquero, Civco, Costa Rica
  • Prof. Annelies van Bronswijk, TUE, Netherland
  • Prof. Dr. Szymanski, University Warzawa, Poland
  • Prof. Dr. Afjansiew, President Academy of Sciences, GUS
  • Dr. Shinji Matsumoto, Shimizu Space Project, Japan
  • Prof. Dr. Nohmi, Jaxa, Japan
  • Dr. Robert Owsley, Southwest Airlines, USA
  • Dr. Inoue, Toyota Homes, Japan
  • Dr. Sakurai, Sekisui Heim, Japan
  • Dr. A. Ohta, Sekisui House, Japan
  • Dr. Oiishi, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan
  • Dr. Nakajima, Ishikawajima Harima, Japan
  • Dr. Kojio, Takenaka Komuten, Japan
  • Dr. Inaba, Fanuc, Japan
  • Dr Ogawa, Yasukawa, Japan
  • Dr Takamoto, TM Suk, Japan
  • Dr. A. Groth, Germany
  • Dr. Dr. h.c. Steinhardt , Germany