Moderation of BuildTech Excellence Forum
New life/care concepts
Plenary Talk at EU Interegio Conference baltse@nior in Poznan
Teleoperation of robotic excavator in Saga from Tokyo 11th January 2020
Kick off New Research Center Advanced Technology University of Tokyo "Inclusive Design"
Keynote at Kick Off Symposium for New "Inclusive Design Research Center" at the University of Tokyo
REACH presented at world largest gerontechnology conference + exhibition: GIES
Chair gives keynote at architectural institute of Japan on architectural regenesis by robotics
Chair heads panel for 3rd International VDI Conference on Smart Construction Equipment December 3-4, 2019, Munich, Germany
br2 at Danish Bavarian Workshop on Robotics/ICT in Horizon 2020
CEN-CENELEC Standards + Innovation Award 2019 goes to Dr.-Ing. Thomas Linner
Design Action 2030: Sustainable Development for Our Future Society 2nd International Forum of Sino-German Industrial Design Innovation Research School at Hubei University of Technology, Wuhan, China
Chair gives Plenary Talk at IEEE, arso Conference on social Robotics in BIT Beijing, China
BCA Delegation from Singapore at br2 on 25th october 2019 for future construction robotics roadmap 2030
Chair Keynote on Robotic City Moscow
Chair Contributes : "Robotic Construction/Health Space" for MSRM@work
Visiting Researcher MR. Kinoshita Presents EU Project Hephaestus at SCR in Kitakyushu
Chair gives Talk on Construction Robotics at JSPS
Chair Delivers Opening Keynote at Kogakuin University on Gerontech and AI


Team - Chair of Building Realization and Robotics


Prof. Prof. h.c.(NPI)
Dr.-Ing./Univ.Tokio Dr. h.c.(SWSU)
Thomas Bock

Publications Archive
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Room Nr. 4111
Tel: 089 289 22100
Fax: 089 289 22102
thomas.bock (at)



Rebekka Schlenker



Room Nr. 4112
Tel. 089 289 22100
Fax: 089 289 22102
info (at)

Office Hours: Wednesday 12:00 - 14:00



Senior Researchers

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Linner

Publications and CV

Room Nr. 4120 Baurobotik-Labor
Tel. 089 289 22176
Fax: 089 289 22102
thomas.linner (at)

Office hours: by Appointment

Dr.-Ing., Dipl.-Wirt.Ing. Katharina Langosch



Room Nr. 4120
Tel: 089 289 25427
Fax: 089 289 22102
katharina.langosch (at)

Office hours: by Appointment

Dr.-Ing. Jörg Güttler

CV (English)

Room Nr. 0726 Baurobotik-Labor
Tel: 089 289 22178
Fax: 089 289 22163
joerg.guettler (at)

Office hours: by Appointment



Research Assistants

M.Eng. Kepa Iturralde



Room Nr. 4120
Tel: 089 289 22170
Fax: 089 289 22102
kepa.iturralde (at)

Office hours: by Appointment

M.Sc. Wen Pan



Room Nr. 4120
Tel: 089 289 25591
Fax: 089 289 22102
wen.pan (at)  

Office hours: by Appointment

M.Arch. Rongbo Hu



Room Nr. 4120
Tel: 089 289 25589
Fax: 089 289 22102 (at)  

Office hours: by Appointment

M.A. Marcel Schlandt



Room Nr. 4120
Tel: 089 289 25581
Fax: 089 289 22102
Marcel.schlandt (at)

Office hours: by Appointment



Further Assistants

Andreas Bittner
Mechatronics and Systems Administrator


Room Nr. 0710 Baurobotik-Labor
Tel: 089 289 22482
Fax: 089 289 22163
andreas.bittner (at)

Office hours: by Appointment



Student Assistants

Stefan Pehr



Room Nr. 4120
Tel: 089 289 22100
Fax: 089 289 22102

Office hours: by Appointment



Current Guest Researchers

Prof. Dr.-Ing. hab. Alexej Bulgakow
Outpost Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Science, RAACS

Room Nr. 4120
Tel: 089 289 22100
Fax: 089 289 22102
alexey.bulgakov (at)

Office hours: by Appointment

M.A.Sc. Yoshiaki Watanabe
Researcher, Robotics Group

Advanced Technology Research Department
Takenaka Corp R&D Institute


Room Nr. 4120
Tel: 089 289 22100
Fax: 089 289 22102
yoshiaki.watanabe (at)

Office hours: by Appointment


Past Visiting Researchers

  • Dr. Bahriye Ilhan, Faculty of Architecture - Istanbul Technical University
  • Prof. Masayuki Sato, Faculty of Human Science Waseda University
  • Ph. D. Soonwook Kwon, Associate Professor, Sungkyunkwan University
  • Prof. Dr. Kazuyoshi Endo
  • Dr. Shabtai Isaac
  • Prof. Dr Mirek Skibniewski , Purdue University, USA
  • Prof. Dr Koshy Varghese, Iitm India
  • Prof. Dr. Mita, Keio Uni, Japan
  • Prof. Dr. Dong Ping Fang, Jinghua Uni, China
  • Prof. Dr. Hendricks, CMU, USA
  • Prof. Dr. Junichiro Maeda, Korean University
  • Dr. Tetsuji Yoshida, Shimizu Space Project, Japan
  • Prof. Dr. Helmut Weber, Uni Hannover
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Sulzer, Uni Stuttgart
  • Prof. Dr. Otto Maier, Hochschule Holzminden
  • Dr. Robert Wing, Imperial College, UK
  • Prof. Dr. Philippe Coiffet, UPMC, France
  • Prof. Dr. Zoubeir Lafhaj, Ecole Centrale, France
  • Prof. Joan Zamorra y Mestre, UPC, Spain
  • Prof. Dr. Puente, ETSI, Spain
  • Prof. Dr. Rovetta, Politecnico di Milano
  • Dr. J.L. Salagnac, CSTB, France
  • Prof. Dr. Carlos Formosa, Uni Porto Alegre do Sul, Brasil
  • Prof. Dr. Aguirre, University Santiago, Chile
  • Dr. Eduardo Barquero, Civco, Costa Rica
  • Prof. Annelies van Bronswijk, TUE, Netherland
  • Prof. Dr. Szymanski, University Warzawa, Poland
  • Prof. Dr. Afjansiew, President Academy of Sciences, GUS
  • Dr. Shinji Matsumoto, Shimizu Space Project, Japan
  • Prof. Dr. Nohmi, Jaxa, Japan
  • Dr. Robert Owsley, Southwest Airlines, USA
  • Dr. Inoue, Toyota Homes, Japan
  • Dr. Sakurai, Sekisui Heim, Japan
  • Dr. A. Ohta, Sekisui House, Japan
  • Dr. Oiishi, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan
  • Dr. Nakajima, Ishikawajima Harima, Japan
  • Dr. Kojio, Takenaka Komuten, Japan
  • Dr. Inaba, Fanuc, Japan
  • Dr Ogawa, Yasukawa, Japan
  • Dr Takamoto, TM Suk, Japan
  • Dr. A. Groth, Germany
  • Dr. Dr. h.c. Steinhardt , Germany