Prof. Bock chairs CitA Technology Trend Series: Robotics in Construction

Chair on Robot Revolution: Will they replace us?

Chair speaks on 4 Decades of Construction Robotics at IROS 2020

Mr. Iturralde guest speaker at New York University and Oregon State University

Chair Holder Contributes to Scientific Committee of Creative Construction Conference and is Presenting Chairs Research for Cairo in Egypt

Chair opens Buit Tech Conference

TUM-br2 contributes to ISARC 2020 conference: 6 papers, keynote speeches, session chairs, BOD meetings, etc

Chairholder at Hackathon: „RoboCon: fast+furious robotic construction“

ISO/TC314 Ageing Societies Progress Overview

Space AGE Space-Elderly Care in a Digitally Connected World

New life/care concepts

Moderation of BuildTech Excellence Forum

Plenary Talk at EU Interegio Conference baltse@nior in Poznan

Teleoperation of robotic excavator in Saga from Tokyo 11th January 2020

Kick off New Research Center Advanced Technology University of Tokyo „Inclusive Design“

REACH presented at world largest gerontechnology conference + exhibition: GIES

Chair heads panel for 3rd International VDI Conference on Smart Construction Equipment, December 3-4, 2019, Munich, Germany


br2 at Danish Bavarian Workshop on Robotics/ICT in Horizon 2020

Design Action 2030: Sustainable Development for Our Future Society 2nd International
Forum of Sino-German Industrial Design Innovation Research School at Hubei University of
Technology, Wuhan, China

Chair gives Plenary Talk at IEEE, arso Conference on social Robotics in BIT Beijing, China

BCA Delegation from Singapore at br2 on 25th october 2019 for future construction robotics roadmap 2030

Chair Contributes : „Robotic Construction/Health Space“ for MSRM@work

Visiting Researcher MR. Kinoshita Presents EU Project Hephaestus at SCR in Kitakyushu

Chair gives Talk on Construction Robotics at JSPS

Mission Possible: 20/80: 20 Years of Robotic Industrialization for 80% Public Housing Ownership Singapore

REACH Behavior Change Techniques Workshop successfully held in Munich

br2 Education of former MSc Advanced Construction Building Technology and Research Lab for Ambient Integrated Robotics as Model: New OIT Robotics+design Faculty established

Dr.- Ing. T. Linner Chairs a Subcommittee of ISO TC 314 at 2nd Penary Meeting

Chair as Speaker on Latest Construction Robotics Applications in Kuala Lumpur

Chair Shows newest Construction Robots and Automated Sites at 29 th GISOTON Seminar

br2 presents research at Forum Bois in Epinal, France: „La robotisation pour la préfabrication et la mise en oeuvre en renovation.“

br2 Beitrag bei Leipziger Fachtagung Betonbauteile: „Automatisierte Fertigung und
robotorisierte Montage, Instandhaltung, Um- und Rückbau von Fassaden“

Dr Linner presents advanced service robotics for built environment at ecole centrale Franc

Digitalisierung und Robotik in der Bauwirtschaft-Trends und Chancen

Sino German Industrial Design Innovation Research School

Upcoming REACH workshop on data analytics and machine learning for early engagement in physical activity

TUM smart furniture unveiled at Exhibition in Pinakothek der Moderne (Modern Art Museum) in Munich, Germany

BaltSe@nioR Field Test and Workshop with companies in Ulvila, Finland

Visiting Professor and TUM Ambassad or Prof. habil. Dr. Alexej Bulgakow represents br2-Chair at Jing Hua University in Beijing

CTBUH Chicago kick off „skybridges“, Dubai 19.10.2018

CTBUH Chicago kick off „robotics and high rises“ Dubai 19.10.2018

Hongkong Government Center for Social Security: Gerontech Symposium 22.11.2018

Sino German Design Center: Industrial Design Innovation: emerging interdisciplinary engineering

How can standardization foster the impact of Horizon Europe projects?

Transformer Architecture Summer Workshop Japan

DFG Seibold Lecture in KyuTec

Modular Building Institute USA holds its European Council Meeting at TUM br2

REbuild 2017 | Intervista a Thomas Bock – Baurealisierung und Baurobotik TU Munich

Mr. Ituralde presented the EU BERTIM Project at ISARC 2018 in Berlin

Dr Bahriye Ilhan presented EU Project ZERO-PLUS in Japan

Mr Wen Pan and Mr Rongbo Hu presented their scientific papers at the Creative Construction Conference (CCC) 2018 in Ljubljana, Slovenia

br2 Organizes 2 Missions from Hongkong Science and Technology Park and Construction Industry Council to Europe (Finland and Germany) on Automation and Robotics in Infrastructure and Modular Industrialized Building for Affordable Housing

Chairholder invited to university hospital geneva to talk on: The Robotic Future of Elderly Care

New CIB Proceedings W119-TG93: International Conference on Smart, Sustainable and
Sensuous Settlements Transformation (3SSettlements)

11th World Conference on Gerontechnology

Prof. Inaba of University of Tokyo gives a Talk on humanoid robotics at br2

Opening „Grieserhof“ Carehome with LISA-br2-Moduls

BaltSe@nioR at Milan Design Week 2018

Japan based, multinational firm Kobe Steel (KOBELCO) visited br2 chair at TUM

Work anniversary Lecture Dr. Linner

„Space AGE Space“ lecture at DIJ Tokyo

DFG Seibold Award lecture series

Yao Yorozu no Robot

DFG Memorial Lecture by Prof Bock „Yao Yorozu no Robot“ and Dr. Linner in OIT, Japan

CIB Conference organized by the Chair took place on the 7th and 8th of March 2018 at TUM with international participation

UTokyo-TUM Workshop for Excellence, Diversity, and Mobility “Society with Automobiles, Robotics, and AI“

DFG verleiht zum zehnten Mal den Eugen und Ilse Seibold-Preis

br² at the „25. Brandenburgischen Bautag“

Loesungen fuer Herausforderungen des Bauens in Deutschland: Baurobotik: Eine Antwort auf Baumängel, Wohnungsengpässe, Fachkräftemangel und Pflegenotstand? – Lehrstuhl am 20.2.2018 in Berlin auf Bautec

Chairholder Lectures at Civil Engineering Faculty of Hongkong University on Civitas Robotics/Robotic Society

Chairholder holds seminar on: robot oriented design, robotic industrialization, site robotics and automation, robotic ambience at chinese University in Sha Tin on Jan. 10th 2018

Chairholder holds seminar on robotic construction for future innovation, productivity and sustainability at hongkong university of sience and technology

Robotics for European Digital Construction Strategy 30th November 2017

Transforming Construction by Robotics Opening Note by Chairholder