Chair of Building Realization and Robotics

Robot (r)evolution to “build” the future society

Mission Statement

Design and build your future robotic society:

Dynamic technology enabled upskilling with our unique knowledge menu applied in in social, industrial, healthcare, and ecological contexts. Search, find and create exceptional combinations of technologies for robotic construction and building solutions driven by target value design and entrepreneurial spirit. Learn more about our highly integrative & cross disciplinary approach.


Hands-on experience and near real world testing of your ideas and study outcomes in our testing labs and teleconstruction site, is only one part of our unique approach of your…

Research & Development

Robots & cobots – Automation & innovation will be everywhere:
Your R&D project has huge potential to develop into an innovation of substantial societal & technical benefit?

Industry Application

Robots and cobots – Automation will be anywhere:
You are searching for an external R&D partner with a strong global network and a wide range of experience…

Projects Labs Publications

You would like to get deeper information about our projects, our publications, our global network as well as our scientific expertise that helps us to drive innovations…


A strong, global research network, consisting of (non-) academic partners and an international, editorial board, form the basis of our knowledge – learn more about some of our achievements…

Advanced robotic solutions for ageing workforce

Cable-driven parallel robot for facade installation in the HEPHAESTUS project

Facade-processing robot developed for Construction Industry Council of Hong Kong

Chair holder Prof. Thomas Bock giving keynote at GIES Hong Kong

Chair organizing international conference at Technical University of Munich

Serious gaming to promote activity level for the elderly in the REACH project

Detail of the facade-processing robot developed for Construction Industry Council of Hong Kong

Technology supporting daily activities of the elderly

Advanced interactive technology developed for the elderly in the REACH project

Providing living support system in a home environment

Chair organizing international workshop for the delegation from Hong Kong

Visitors testing interactive technology at a trade fair in Denmark

Developing contactless health sensing system

Chair demonstrating assistive technology to international experts

Advanced interactive technology developed for the elderly in the REACH project

Integrating high-tech in home environment for the elderly in the REACH project

Integrating high-tech in home environment for the elderly in the REACH project

Prof. Bock during the opening ceremony of Sino-German Industrial Design Innovation Research School, Wuhan

About us

The Chair for Building Realization and Robotics merges management competency (construction management, technology management, innovation management) with competency in advanced technologies (production technology, ICT, Microsystems technology, mechatronics, automation, robotics, personal assistance technology) and applies it to solve future demographic challenges of our society by considering all phases of building’s lifecycle (development, planning, construction, use/performance, de-construction/end-of-life).

Industry Sectors

Our unique combination of scientific research and near real world testing in one of our labs in our three specializations Construction Robotics, Assistive & Healthcare Technologies and Mega Trends for the cities of the future evolves out of the box solutions for you, as a student and a research or cooperation partner – let us find mutual synergies.

Construction Robotics

Assistive & Healthcare Technologies

Mega Trends for the cities of the future


Using space-inspired technology such as robots, sensing-monitoring-intervention solutions and life support systems to solve problems in healthcare.

Affordable housing

Developing mass-produced affordable housing components in factories enabling rapid on-site assembly to mitigate the impact of population explosion and rapid urbanization.

Future Homes

Creating an ubiquitous technology-integrated home environment to meet the challenges imposed by rapid population aging.

Chairholder gives greeting speech and special lecture at Hubei University of Technology, Wuhan

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PhD candidate Mr. Rongbo Hu gives plenary speech at ISARC 2021, Dubai

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Prof. Bock co-hosts podcast session “Zukunft. Bauen.” on Der Haak & Ferger Zukunftspodcast für die Bauindustrie

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