EU H2020 Research Project BERTIM successfully launched
Kick off Workshop for Preparation of a H2020 European - Japanese Project
End of August, a Japanese delegation of HER visited the br2 in order to share research results
Osaka Institute of Technology Workshop beginning of September
Project meeting A2L MOBILIUS in the first week in September
Br2 students present mechatronic furniture mock-ups as part of IP2
Laboratory visit of Professor Killingsworth and his students of the University of Wisconsin-Stout
Chair's contribution ranks amongst Best Papers in 32nd International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction (ISARC 2015)
ISARC 2015 keynote by chair holder
„TAKENAKA’s Design-Build Approach“ – lecture by design chief of TAKENAKA Europe (June 10th, 15:oo -17:oo, Room 4120)
MOC ICIC Summit 2015 Canada Keynote by Chair
Chair holder appointed keynote speaker at ASC 51st Annual International Conference
Lecture and workshop by chair holder at the Osaka Institute of Technology UMEKITA knowledge center
Chair holder publishes chapter in Secrets de Fabriques
Chair presents at the 5th international symposium on construction technology innovation: "research and education related to construction technology in Asian countries"
1st Munich Modular Housing Colloquium co-organized and co-chaired by br2
Book Chapter on Exoskeleton and Humanoid Robotic Technology in Construction and Built Environment has reached 8000 downloads in less than 24 months
Chair holder speaks at TEDx Stuttgart on RoboCon
Emeritus of Excellence Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Nerdinger guides TUM Alumni Prof. Dr. K. Endo and Dr. E. Kawai through the site of "NS Dokumentationszentrum München"
German Science Management Network visits br² experimentation lab with 60 site visit attendees




Cambridge Handbooks on Construction Robotics Series

RoboCon – Bauen mit Robotern -  TEDxStuttgart

Chair contributed with two chapters to new book “Mass Customisation and Personalisation in Architecture and Construction”

Mass Customisation and Personalisation in Architecture and Construction: A Compendium of Customer-centric Strategies for the Built Environment , Edited by P. A.E. Piroozfar & F. T. Piller, London & New York: Routledge/ Taylor & Francis Group, June 2013

Chair Releases CIB W119 CIC Proceedings for CIB-IAARC Workshop

Advanced Construction and Building Technology for Society, (ed.) T. Bock, C. Georgoulas, T. Linner, October 2012, Munich.

Ubiquitous Knowledge Management and Production for Active Aging Society

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research has approved a new research project in the field of “Human Technology Interaction”. The TUM based consortium is led by the Chair of Building Realization and Robotics.

Guest Prof. Dr. med. Kerstin Wessig is member of the Government's Commission of Experts on the Seventh Report on Aging

Since the Summer Semester of 2013, the Chair team is strengthened by a visiting professorship which particularly supports in implementing the issue of socio-technical systems design in the context of an Aging.

Prof. Bock selected by Leibniz-Gemeinschaft into exhibition program committee: “Future Life - the Demographic Opportunity”

The Chair holder was appointed by the Leibniz Society as a member in the program committee for the government’s exhibition “Future Life - the Demographic Opportunity”, which will travel through Germany in 2013 and which will, from January 2014 and onwards, be a guest exhibition in Munich’s Deutsches Museum.

Master Course:
Advanced Construction and Building Technology (M. Sc)

English-language Master of Science four-semester study program. The course aims to extend the core competences of the fields of architecture and construction in response to the rapidly changing technological, social and ecological boundary conditions that inform architecture.

Wonderwall: High-tech home-assisted living for the elderly

Gizmag article about the Cahir’s researchproject LISA in which a mechatronic Wall was developed. Through LISA's mechatronic services, an Ambient intelligence Environment (AmI) can be created within a house or flat.


Erasmus Mundus Programme for Scientists: AUSMIP+

We offer excellent Master & PhD Students and Post-Doctoral researchers the possibility to conduct their study or research in Japan and/or Korea.


PASSAge - Personalized mobility, Assistance and Service Systems in an Aging society

The demographic change in modern societies has a significant impact on the future planning of self-determined mobility and mobility means. An optimized accessibility of the means of transportation is required, as well as their connection towards buildings and residences. These connections have to be modular and compatible to the mobility means of the users.


CIB W119 - Customised Industrial Construction

CIB Working Commission, W119 on “Customised Industrial Construction” has been established as the successor of former TG57 on Industrialisation in Construction and as a joint CIB-IAARC Commission. The Working Coimmission is coordinated by Prof. Dr.-Ing. T. Bock.


JSPS Joint Conference "Socio-technical Innovation" in the Oskar von Miller Forum

Chair of Building Realization and Robotics organized the conference in cooperation with the Japan Society for the Promotion for Sciences. Prof. Bock and the Japanese ambassador welcomed the guests at TUM